Facility Features

The NEW OLC is the perfect place to host a meeting, training session or event. The facility builds on a 20-year reputation for providing an excellent training location with cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience. Thanks to the advanced communications and learning technologies available at the new state-of-the-art facility, participants gain maximum benefit from lectures, labs and live demonstrations.

A Technologically Advanced Learning and Training Environment 

 The OLC offers outstanding technological means and versatility to meet client needs:

  • The generous meeting space offers flexible configurations, including three divisible auditoriums, to accommodate groups of up to 180 people.
  • Two state-of-the-art conference rooms with seating for up to 24 are available for smaller events.
  • High-definition production and viewing capabilities through large-screen presentations enhance the total experience and ensure that everyone sees every detail.
  • All the OLC's meeting and laboratory space is equipped with the latest high-definition audio visual equipment and up-to-date HD production technology.
  • An on-site production AV control room allows you to extend your organization's learning experience with recording, editing, web-streaming or video conferencing capabilities for your event. These sophisticated high-definition digital resources allow you to transmit live presentations to virtually anywhere in the OLC and/or world.
  • A special video-enabled demonstration station lets you transmit or record a closer, more detailed view of a presentation than what direct observation permits. These images can be broadcast to other OLC rooms or to outside facilities. This station may also be used as a stand-alone "studio" for production projects.
  • The multimedia lecterns in all meeting and lab space are equipped with touch annotation displays, document cameras and computer connections.
  • Microphones located at each classroom table allows attendees to interact in question and answer sessions.

The OLC makes it easy with:

  • Registration and pre-function areas to centralize meeting coordination.
  • Fourteen dynamic displays throughout the facility show event schedules, airline flight information and other pertinent meeting content.
  • On-site locker rooms for participants to change and secure their personal belongings.
  • Catering arrangements and a Catering Prep Kitchen are available for events requiring food and/or beverages.

Building on a Reputation as a Global Leader in Medical/Surgical Learning 

While a great location for any training purpose, the OLC is first and foremost a medical/surgical-learning environment. As such, the OLC offers complete "behind-the-scenes" facilities to support high-quality surgical management.

The spacious, well-lit Bio-Skills Training Lab is designed for hands-on teaching for up to 96 participants and offers the most expansive learning environment of its kind anywhere, including:

  • Twenty-four fully equipped workstations divisible into two 12 workstation labs with industry-leading arthroscopy cameras integrated into the HD display system
  • A large-format high-definition display with four DLP projectors, eight 80" retractable LED displays and two 30" wide imaging screens
  • A demonstration area that utilizes three Hitachi HD broadcast cameras, with one on a camera crane to enable aerial shots
  • An operating room-like arrangement and set-up
  • Instrumentation, compressed air, water and suction that support most procedures
  • A clean room that provides a staging area for instrumentation and equipment
  • A decontamination room, which ensures that all cleaning procedures follow safety guidelines
  • An anatomical storage area, which facilitates specimen handling

The OLC Lab sets the stage for the most effective education and surgical skills training possible, which include:

  • Cadaveric study with open and arthroscopic procedures
  • Simulated-model workshops
  • Medical-device training
  • Research and development and new-product and new-technique introductions