Donor Honor Roll

  • Over $1 Million

    Arthrex, Inc.
    Smith & Nephew
  • $500,000 - $999,999

  • $250,000 - $499,999

    Campbell Clinic
    Florida Orthopaedic Institute
    Hospital for Special Surgery
    Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush
    New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
    Rothman Institute
  • $100,000 - $249,999

    Dr. Jim and Jenelle Andrews
    Beaumont Bone & Joint Institute
    Exactech, Inc.
    F. H. Orthopedics 
    Dr. Freddie and Mrs. Hilda Fu
    Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., MD, FACS
    Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic (In Honor of Founding Partners: Drs. James Funk, Robert Wells and Joseph Dimon)
    Russell F. Warren, MD and Laurie A. Warren
  • $50,000 - $99,999

    Daniel J. Berry, MD
    John and Kim Callaghan
    Hennepin County Medical Center (In honor of Dr. Richard Kyle and Dr. David Templeman for their service to AAOS)
    Dr. Joshua and Mrs. Faye Jacobs
    William J. Maloney, MD
    Dr. Marc and Mrs. Senenn Philippon
    Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Patricia Pollak 
    Dr. Thomas P. Sculco and Cynthia D. Sculco
    Kenneth Singer, MD
    David C. Templeman, MD (In honor of Dr. Robert Winquist)
    David Teuscher, MD
    Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Karen N. Thornhill
    Drs. Janet and Joseph D. Zuckerman
  • $25,000 - $49,999

    Jeffrey S. Abrams, MD
    Allen F. Anderson, MD 
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Angelo
    Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists
    Dr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Bach, Jr. 
    William R. Beach, MD
    William and Martha Best
    Joseph A. Bosco, III, MD
    James P. Bradley, MD
    J.W. Thomas Byrd, MD
    Brian J. Cole, MD and Mrs. Emily B. Cole
    DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson
    Dr. And Mrs. David Dines
    Paul J. Duwelius, MD (In honor of Dr. Robert Winquist)
    Larry D. Field, MD
    James A. Goulet, MD (In honor of Dr. Robert Winquist)
    Karen L. Hackett, FACHE, CAE
    Victor M. Ilizaliturri, Jr., MD
    Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
    Richard N. Peterson and Rev. Wayne T. Bradley
    Kevin D. Plancher, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Felix "Buddy" Savoie
    Nicholas A. Sgaglione, MD
    Robert A. Stanton, MD
    Howard J. Sweeney, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wickiewicz
  • $10,000 - $24,999

    American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
    Dr. Robert and Mrs. Cathy Arciero
    Robert H. Bell, MD
    Alex B. Bodenstab, MD
    Irvin E. Bomberger and Judith A. Margolis
    Dr. Lyle and Mrs. Jill Cain
    Thomas Carter, MD
    Dr. Michael G. and Patricia A. Ciccotti
    Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Sheila Cosgarea
    Julie A. Dodds, MD
    Thomas K. Fehring, MD
    Evan L. Flatow, MD (In honor of Dr. Joseph D. Zuckerman)
    Mark H. Getelman, MD
    Dr. David and Mrs. Katie Halsey
    Dr. Jo A. Hannafin and John Brisson, Esq.
    Christopher D. Harner, MD
    G. Dean Harter, MD
    Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD
    Dr. William and Mrs. Eleanore Jiranek
    Darren L. Johnson, MD
    Neil J. Maki, MD
    Louis F. McIntyre, MD
    Ellen Moore and Greg Sobecki
    Dr. Gordon and Janice Nuber
    Dr. Martin and Mrs. Sue Pomphrey
    Steven Douglas K. Ross, MD
    Richard K.N. Ryu, MD
    Scott B. Scutchfield, MD
    Slocum Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
    Richard and Janice Stewart
    James W. Stone, MD
    Dr. John and Mrs. Nancy Tongue
    Mark T. Wichman, MD
    Ken Yamaguchi, MD
  • $5,000- $9,999

    Dr. Ned and Mrs. Alison Amendola 
    Mr. Bill Bruce
    Robert T. Burks, MD
    Chicago Arthroplasty Alumni Foundation
    Patricia G. Cichlar, RN
    Jerald L. Cooper, MD
    David L. Coran, MD
    Douglas A. Dennis, MD
    Dr. Scott & Harriet Dunitz
    Dr. and Mrs. Norman Dunitz
    Matthew B. Dobbs, MD
    Colleen M. Fay, MD
    Robert W. Frederick, MD
    Brad Hanley, MD
    Peter A. Indelicato, MD
    Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Dr. Robert and Mrs. Sandra LaPrade and family
    Brett R. Levine, MD
    William J. Mallon, MD
    Dr. David and Mrs. Shelly Mansfield and family
    Dr. James K. and Mrs. Karen S. McKechnie
    Thomas C. McLaughlin, MD
    Dr. Todd Milbrandt and Mary Beth Magyar
    Scott E. Powell, MD
    John Richmond, MD
    Drs. Thomas and Mary Rodts
    Will and Rebecca Shaffer
    Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons
    Christopher W. Uggen, MD
    United States Bone and Joint Initiative
    University of Illinois Orthopaedics
    Dr. Rick and Mrs. Lana Wright